Trans-species skins reminds me of a layer of transparent thing that supposed to protect inner things but actually reveals them. For instance, people who suffering from Bulimia Nervosa, a kind of eating disorder that people “purging”, in which forcing themselves to vomit, after a binge. These people always have scars and bruises on their finger joints and backs of hands. Even though they may never tell others they have the disorder, it can be perceived by exposure of their skin on the hands. In this case, the real skin becomes transparent and fake, exaggerating the secret with them. Therefore, in my project, I make a shell-like sculpture and hang it in front of a gif of tearing eyes; the reflection of its surface would like to concentrate viewers’ attention, leading them then focus on the sadness that running out off the eyes. Below the eyes gif, I project another gif, which is made of 4 drawings with illustrator and combining with photoshop, displaying some sad faces and messy background. On the left of my project, another gif contains red little dots gradually  concentrating together is displayed. I want to show a mental collapse while too many negative feelings are received.
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