I always pursue revealing mental pain in my artwork. With this “bloject”, I want to convey a feeling about eating disorder, which is a widespread phenomenon around college girls. Always considering controlling weight, this group of people are afraid of eating “too much” calories, and they exercise too much everyday. Under these skinny bodies, there is desire for calories, carbohydrates, regular meals, or even fatter torsos; however, there is also a feeling of guilty when they try to eat as normal, healthy people. 

Thinking about the “bloject”, the first thing that pops out of my mind is a melting,fat-like ice cream, standing on a muscle cube inversely, disgustedly, but somehow attractively because of its delicious taste. The main idea of this project is conflict between the appearance and the essence. Therefore, I will make the abstract part and the cube part look differently as well as I can, expressing the contradictory that people with eating disorder have. 


Fat Embolism

Fat Embolism

Collagen fibers in a cross-sectional area of dense connective tissue


Perspective View

Side View

Top View

Front View

Final Project

Perspective View

side view

front view

top view



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